What Is Natural Hair? A Definition and In-Depth Look

Natural hair by definition hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners, together with relaxers and texturizers. ironed hair should be thought-about natural as a result of once washed, the feel sometimes returns to its dateless state (as long as no heat harm has occurred).

Natural Hair Characteristics

In terms of natural black hair, there isn’t any one size fits all once it involves texture and growth patterns, however normally, natural black hair sometimes ranges from wavy to kinky-coily, with a large vary of variation between the 2. (And yes, some black individuals have naturally straight hair further.) In fact, texture variations exist not solely in families, together with siblings, however even on an equivalent head of hair. In general, black hair varieties tend to be:

Natural hair will look robust, however this can be a awfully delicate texture and desires to be handled per se. this implies frequent learning and moisturizing and as very little direct heat as doable to take care of optimum health.

Versatility of Natural Hair: vogue potentialities
One of the most effective aspects of African American natural hair is having the ability to fancy an enormous type of designs. a number of these hairdos mimic with chemicals straightened locks, however several square measure distinctive to having no texture-altering chemicals on your hair. Hairstyles that employment particularly well with natural textures include:

Can You Color Your Hair and Still be Natural?
This is a matter up for dialogue in some natural circles, however in most cases, coloured hair remains natural as long as there are not any texture-altering chemicals on the hair further. The question of “real natural” comes into play after you take into account that some have veteran texture changes thanks to the dye (this additionally often happens with henna application). Unless your hair is bleached or coloured many levels removed from your natural shade, you most likely will not expertise any loosening of your texture.

If you’ve got no agent or texturizer on your locks, however you color it, you ought to still take into account yourself to own natural hair. Sure, it is not 100% natural thanks to the colour, however the feel is usually what many of us visit once referencing “natural hair.”

Are Texturizers Natural?
Texturizers square measure chemicals designed to interrupt down the supermolecule bonds in your hair so as to for good amendment the feel. Some product market themselves as “natural texturizers” or claim they’ll increase the tractableness of your hair by application and warmth. they typically contain an equivalent active ingredients as relaxers, simply in lower amounts. sadly, some natural-haired girls report being duped by hairstylists WHO apply these chemicals below the pretext of constructing somebody’s hair “more manageable” while not absolutely revealing what the merchandise contains.

This is why some square measure cautious of reaching to any stylist and favor to do their hair all by themselves. If you are actually curious about being natural, steer afar from any product that contain questionable ingredients.

Can I Press My Hair and Still be Natural?

As a straightening methodology, thermal styling is preferred to texturizing as a result of ideally, you’ll be able to wet your tresses and they will come to their state. Some girls perpetually press their locks, however, and over time, their manes become heat-trained. Heat-trained hair includes a totally different texture than hair that hasn’t suffered this “controlled harm,” therefore it is not actually natural, though it should seem that manner.

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